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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Sunday fashions, books, shoes, and a Carnival

It was due to happen: first the ads, then the crib, after that, the TV series, and this morning, a full-page ad in the NY Times Men's Style Magazine, with a caveman modeling a Weatherproof parka.

Will Caveman chocolates be far behind?

Speaking of style, the WSJ has a great selection of 5 books on classic fashion style:
The Glass of Fashion, by Cecil Beaton, 1954, currently out of print,
The Fashionable Mind, by Kenneth Fraser, 1981,
DV, by Diana Vreeland, 1984,
Couture, by Caroline Rennolds Milbank, 1985,
and Alan Flusser's Dressing the Man, 2002.
Of the five, I've read DV, which left me totally cold (I never really "get" Vreeland's vapidity), and Dressing the Man.

Dressing the Man is a most interesting book on style, on what looks good, and why proportions and colors are important. Don't be misled by the title, it's a book women will want to read when studying what looks good on them. I like the author's concept of personal architecture, which he explains in his book. It's also a beautiful book, too.


Today's shoes:
Charles David's high heel ankle-straps in leopard print:

I'm wearing them right now with black tights and a red dress.

This is a high heel and therefore the shoes are not suitable for a lot of walking (some of you can walk a lot in high heels but I don't really enjoy it), but they do look very nice on, particularly if you have thin ankles.

It's Sunday, and Dr. Sanity has the Carnival.

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